Take a look at our FAQs and if you require further information or advice, please get in touch to discuss your project


Can I order single vinyl items?

Yes, if you don’t want the full vinyl package you can order just what you need.

What optional extras do you offer?

We offer mastering, digital or screen-printed sleeves or inserts, digital printed centre labels.

We can engrave your vinyl with a bespoke design.

We can design your sleeve and / or centre labels.

You offer mastering?

Yes! BF! MASTERING. And we offer a healthy discount on mastering if we are cutting your vinyl. Get in touch for more information.


Does the sound quality compare to pressed vinyl?

Yes, it certainly can. However, there are many variables to consider. The most important factor and the one that will have the biggest impact, whether for lathe cut or pressed vinyl, is the quality of the source material. Is it a good mix and master? Has it been mastered specifically for vinyl? This is the factor to focus on if quality is your priority. We offer free advice on the quality of both mixing and mastering, and we will not use it as an opportunity to push our own services.

Then we all know that not all pressed vinyl sounds the same; there are excellent presses, and utterly awful sounding presses. The reasons for this are numerous, as they are for lathe cut vinyl, and too numerous to go into further detail for an FAQ.

Where does this leave the quality of a BF! lathe cut?

All things considered, our lathe cuts compare very well against the vast majority of pressed records. Clear, loud and clean with full bass.

How long will they last?

They are as durable as pressed vinyl. Look after them as you would pressed vinyl, and they will last indefinitely.

Do you have a minimum order?


Do you have a maximum order?

No. We have cut 200 copies for Electric Wizard and regularly cut 100 copies for Current 93. For orders over 50 copies we ask that you get in touch.

How many minutes of music can I get on your lathe cuts?

Guidelines for running times are listed  here. If you want to go over these limits, please get in touch so that we can discuss any potential issues with you.

What is included with the listed price?

Each order comes with a standard white poly-lined paper inner sleeve, as well as white adhesive centre labels (unattached, 6 labels per A4 sheet).

6 x labels  / A4 sheet – template:

 7+10″ centre labels x 6

 12″ centre labels x 6

Do you do anything to the audio before cutting?

Only if it is needed to get a clean and accurate cut. In all other instances we will prepare your audio using minor tweaks so that it translates as closely as possible to the original. This is not mastering. Anything that requires significant changes will be sent back to you with details of the issue.


How do I print my sleeves?

Sleeves must to be designed using the template supplied and submitted as a press ready PDF. Sleeves are printed on 300gsm board. You can choose either standard or reverse board.

Templates for digitally printed sleeves. For screen-printed sleeve templates please get in touch.

12″ vinyl sleeve 3mm spine

10″ vinyl sleeve 3mm spine

7″ vinyl sleeve

How do I print my centre labels?

Our centre labels are professionally (digitally) printed on Graphic Vellum Permanent Split Back (self adhesive, uncoated material, 70gsm). Centre labels must to be designed using the template supplied and submitted as a press ready PDF (save as PDF/X-1a:2001). We will only accept files based on our templates.

centre label (100 x 100mm) – side a

centre label (100 x 100mm) – side b

What is a press ready PDF?

High resolution (300dpi), with trim marks, 3mm bleed, supplied in single page format and saved in CMYK (not RGB) with all fonts embedded. Please submit your artwork in PDF format. PDF/X-1a is an excellent ISO Standard for graphic file exchange, it ensures that fonts are embedded and all images need to be CMYK.

How do I submit a design for engraved centre labels?

Engraved centre labels must to be designed using the template supplied. Our CNC router works with vectors – no bitmaps please! Submit the file as an .AI (Adobe Illustrator) or PDF.

7 + 10″ engraved centre label

12″ engraved centre label