BF! offers a direct to vinyl cutting service for all your short-run vinyl needs. This is a professional service where each copy is cut in real-time onto a durable polycarbonate material. They are perfect if you are a label or artist that can’t justify the minimum requirements to have your work committed to vinyl, or want vinyl as an option for your special editions and merchandise stall. It’s ideal for a DJ who needs a one-off copy that is as durable as pressed vinyl.

We take great care to prepare your audio, and to ensure we get the cleanest cut possible. This is all handled by our professional audio engineer Michael Lawrence aka The Bricoleur. Some of our customers include Current 93, Electric Wizard and Richard Skelton (Corbel Stone Press); our lathe-cuts have found there way to customers in the USA, Russia, Canada and Europe.

Available in 7”, 10” and 12” formats – we only use the heavy-weight option for each. Pricing is determined by format, track count and running time. All of our orders are shipped in white paper inners and white centre labels (unattached).

A typical example: 10 x 12” singles @ 10 minutes running time (side A + B) would be approx. £150.

For an additional cost we can also engrave your vinyl with a bespoke design.

To discuss your project please contact:

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