Bladud Flies! is an independent UK record label and lathe cutting service conceived in the presence of a fictitious king, amongst smugglers and ghosts of The Mermaid Inn, Rye. In 2008 we began releasing limited edition music in CDr format focusing on unique handmade packaging. Limited by a dated format and quantities required to produce traditional vinyl, 2013 lead to the purchase of our in house lathe cutter revolutionising the way that we operate. The dream to create high quality playable artefacts was finally realised.

We are pleased to be able to offer the lathe cut vinyl service to musicians who require a similar flexibility in vinyl production. For more information please see our website for details or get in touch.

The BF! team consists of Michael Lawrence – a.k.a. The Bricoleur – (musician, audio engineer) and Lauren Winton (multimedia designer). Our background in audio engineering and design has lead to a natural evolution of the label to offer mastering and graphic design as a service. Recent projects include mastering for Ulver’s The Assassination of Julius Caesar and brand identity for The Tribe Of Good. For more information regarding mastering or graphic design see our website or get in touch: