[I was unprepared for how stunning the vinyl would sound.
There’s a warmth and a watchmakers attention to detail here that exceeds the national average by some distance.]
Twitter user @atombowl on the Grasscut – Overwinter LP (Lo Recordings, 2021)

We are internationally recognised and have worked with some of the world’s biggest artists and labels; Chelsea Wolfe, Ghost, Electric Wizard, Behemoth, Meechy Darko, Loma Vista Recordings, and more.

BF! offers a direct to vinyl cutting service for all your short-run vinyl needs. This is a professional service where each copy is cut in real-time onto a durable polycarbonate material. They are perfect if you are a label or artist that can’t justify the minimum requirements to have your work committed to vinyl, or want vinyl as an option for your special editions and merchandise stall. It’s ideal for a DJ who needs a one-off copy that is both playable and as durable as pressed vinyl. These are not acetates, which degrade after only a few plays.

We take great care to prepare your audio, and to ensure we get the cleanest cut possible. This is all handled by our professional audio engineer (Michael Lawrence aka The Bricoleur, who has mastered releases for Ulver, Current 93, Zu, James Blackshaw, Hypnopazūzu (David Tibet and Martin ‘Youth’ Glover) and many more. Michael will check your audio for requirements that are necessary to make the most of the vinyl format. If there are any issues, these will be discussed and, if minor, corrected as necessary. If there are significant issues then these can be corrected at a cost; or returned to you to be corrected – please keep in mind that this may delay your project. For more info, please see submission guidelines below.

Available in 7” (small or large hole), 10” and 12” formats – 5″ and 8″ are also available on request. For all formats we only use the heavy-weight option, and they are available in black and transparent. We also have a limited palette of colours – please get in touch for the latest options. Pricing is determined by format and number of copies – please see prices below. Listed prices are for black and transparent.

All of our orders are shipped in white paper inners and with adhesive white centre labels (unattached. 6 on an approx. A4 sheet) suitable for desktop printing. A template is provided here How do I print my centre labels?

Please see OPTION 3 if you are printing your own labels. We also offer professionally printed centre labels (OPTION 1) and desktop printed centre labels (OPTION 2).

To discuss your project please contact info@bladudflies.com

The times listed below are what we consider to be the longest times before the quality of the cut is compromised. However, these times can be lengthened depending on several factors. Feel free to get in touch for a consultation.


33rpm: We generally do not offer this service as the grooves are naturally narrower, and as the grooves get closer to the centre the width is reduced further. This, together with the slower speed, often causes distortion. If you are adamant on this option, and are willing to accept any distortion, then please get in touch to discuss.

45rpm: 4 minutes


33rpm: 13 minutes

45rpm: 8 minutes


33rpm: 18 minutes

45rpm: 11 minutes

1 copy

Single-sided: £14
Double-sided: £19

Single-sided: £23
Double-sided: £28

Single-sided: £32
Double-sided: £37

2 to 30 copies

Single-sided: £10
Double-sided: £13

Single-sided: £15
Double-sided: £18

Single-sided: £16
Double-sided: £19

31 to 50 copies

Single-sided: £7.50
Double-sided: £9.50

Single-sided: £12
Double-sided: £15

Single-sided: £15
Double-sided: £17

For more than 50 copies, please get in touch.

All prices are excluding VAT

– Uncompressed audio at 96kHz / 24bit (or 32 bit floating point) is best. However, always use the highest possible quality without sample rate converting.

– Check for phase issues, specifically in the low to low/mid frequency range.

– Avoid using a limiter on your mix buss. If you use a limiter to glue elements together, don’t create a hard ceiling.

– Leave some headroom by ensuring that peak levels do not reach 0dBFS.

– Aim to keep the average level of your tracks around -18dBFS.

– Please do not submit square waves.

If you are unsure about the above guidelines, please feel free to email Michael info@bladudflies.com with any questions or concerns.