Uncompressed audio files (WAV) freely available from my Google Drive:

Capital STEEZ – Google Drive Download

Capital STEEZ – AmeriKKKan Korruption (Reloaded & Remastered)

I only came across STEEZ and the PE crew at the end of 2013. I’ve never been so moved by an MC, and I’ve been moved by MC’s since I heard my first hip-hop tape back in 1988, which was PE’s ‘It Takes A Nation …’ and it was during the death throes of apartheid in South Africa. I could write a long book about all the hip-hop music that has moved me. But to this date STEEZ is the Apex, and that is just my humble opinion. You may agree with me – great! You may disagree with me – great! I totally respect your opinion. Keep up the passion and fuck the hate. I’m not saying he is the best, only that he has moved me the most (although to me that makes him the best, to me). The only thing about AK that disappointed me was the audio quality. Don’t get me wrong, I love the raw DIY nature of it, but felt that it could do with mastering; clean it up and to level out the loudness across the tracks. Initially just for my own listening pleasure. Then my mind wandered into vinyl (my preferred format) and perhaps doing a short-run deluxe vinyl edition of 300 copies or so, with liner notes written by, and personal photo’s by, his family. Also, with all profits going to his family or a charity of their choice. I got as far as making contact with his sisters. Unfortunately, it seems to have stalled and is highly unlikely that it’ll happen. I don’t know why, probably because I came across as a bit nuts and totally obsessed (all true). I know I could just go ahead and do it without his family’s consent, but that isn’t my style. So, it is time to share the mastered version of AmeriKKKan Korruption (Reloaded). Please share it widely, with love. You can also download it as individual tracks (44.1kHz / 24 bit WAV) from here:

Capital STEEZ – Google Drive Download

To STEEZ, the mad genius, thanks so much

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